Comment from: Zack Rundell [Visitor]  

Just finished a stay at an all inclusive sex resort in the Dominican Republic. It was a little different than others I have visited. I was contacted before my arrival and asked about a particular fantasy I had. Well long story short, I had a policewoman visit my room the first night handcuffed me to the bed and “took me". It was like I always imagined but never thought would happen. Their slogan is “We make dreams, realities” the service was great, the girls were better, awsome food, activities, I was even given a phone so I had personal contact with the owner!! Very private,Great place, I will go back. Club Fantasy island.

08/04/12 @ 03:18
Comment from: Timotheos [Visitor]  

How can I be satisfied in(real)sex vacation?

05/04/14 @ 02:57

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