1. § Bob Email said on :
    I got stung in a club in Tokyo. I paid a girl 20,000 or 30,000 yen (I can't remember which) to come back to my hotel for the night. As we tried to walk out her boss told her she couldn't leave before the end of her shift. A big argument followed, I wanted my money back. That wasn't going to happen! In the end she said she would come to my hotel sfter her shift finished. Of course she never turned up!
    Also NEVER go into one of those clubs with black men on the door. They are a total rip off! You have been warned!
  2. § Ray Juniorgmail.com Email said on :
    Hi. This Australian site has fake profiles are its premium listed girls and guys. [mixed in with some stolen pictures from actual people].

    I though I would have it listed for the sake of future viewers.
  3. § Haley said on :
    You motherf**kers deserve every fake and scam that can possible happen to you. You go out of the country and screw anything that has a hole in it and you think you're entitled to it and the little wife at home will never be the wiser. Assholes. How about the disease you bring home to your wives? How about the diseases you contract that can cost you your life? Oh but 5 minutes of fun is worth the risk because you cant get your heads out of your pants right? Assholes. I hope every single one of you gets scammed and screwed over and ends up taken through the wringer in a divorce when your wives find out what ASSHOLES you are. I hope your damn dicks rot in your pants.
  4. § Twinchlian Email said on :
    Hey, Hailay, or whatnot,

    if you ever need 5$ to feed your children I'll fuck you just because I never fucked you before.

    Let that be a comfort to you on cold and lonley and hopeless nights.

    Gods Peace.
  5. § JS said on :
    Haley, seems like you are pretty bitter there! Perhaps you had some experience with men who let you down?

    You are leaving out a bunch of men/women who are busy traveling on business and are not married. Those men/women would like to relax in a social manner and this is a good way to let off steam. Both the escort and the clients are consenting partners in this. In other words, it takes 2 to tango. We are talking about consensual sex between 2 adults.

    There are also a lot of women in marriages that seek discrete sex too. Should we then be saying those women are assholes and deserve diseases?

    Did you know we are genetically very similar to monkeys? Monkeys are extremely sexual and most tribes do not have just one sexual partner. They screw around. Perhaps it is our genetic disposition to do this but society has written a so-called taboo on this... Food for thought.
  6. § Divorce Attorney Email said on :
    It takes a good amount of time to find a good divorce attorney. Milwaukee County, WI has a few good law firms. One has to ensure that the lawyer he or she hires has the right experience to represent him / her well. The divorce attorney should have a verifiable knowledge and experience with family laws. Apart from getting the child's custody or alimony, another important aspect of a divorce is property distribution. The lawyer should be able to get the client the right property distribution he/she deserves.
  7. § Glenn said on :
    Stay away from a blonde escort named Claudia who posts on several Las Vegas escort websites! Her pics are fake, and the girl who comes to your room goes into an upsell! She can be found on Escorts of Sin City and several other sites. The pic is of a girl with short blonde hair and small tats; the girl who came to my room has long hair and a lot more tats. One of her numbers is (702) 478-xxxx, and another is (702) 478-xxxx. Those of you who read this, please spread the word to other hobbyists and other boards that report scammers.
  8. § Helena said on :
    How can I sign for free ad post?

  9. § Sarah said on :
    Quite simply don't pay in advance to anyone , cash in hand will keep the lady happy and yourself more secure.

    (Why are A tags disallowed..)
  10. § Thunderjack Email said on :
    Do not try to drive with thefirm2015.com. They are a scam and want 500.00 to be a member. Beware David the ripoff SOB. U have been warned.
  11. § Vladimir Fleysher Email said on :
    Be aware of scam booking Asian Escort service on line. I was ripped off by scam
    team including Christian Yo
    targetasainmanager@gmail.com, Keanna Green, keannagreen022@gmail.com,
    Jowelhen Flores, Queszon City, Manila
  12. § James Brant said on :
    I was also ripped off twice in the last two years. However, I have found a dedicated genuine escort website I go to very often and I am happy to recommend to anyone without the least worry though it is a UK based company with hundreds of escorts
  13. § lebanonescortgirls1 said on :
    Really a good one. I appreciate all bloggers.

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