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This company has been around for more then a dozen years. They are very professional and depend on repeat business.
They have roughly two dozen available girls on call. They have profiles on their website. And they have a private list of another 35 girls they can call in if the need arises. Many of the girls can meet you at the hotel or airport of your choice outside of Costa Rica for $500/day.

CRE is half escort agency and half travel agency.

The company arranges all kinds of vacations: Deep Sea fishing is a specialty but they also arrange rain forest tours, white water rafting, golfing and resort stays. And all of these vacations come with at least one eager and attractive female companion per guest.

My Trip:
I took four nights at the all inclusive Double Tree resort on Caldera Beach (Just South of Puntarenus on the Pacific side) it was a mistake.

The resort is high class, half the guests were English speakers and the other half spoke Spanish and combined about 20% of the guests were kids. The resort has 400 room, 4 pools, two in pool bars, etc, etc

So what could be wrong?

While prostitution is legal in Costa Rica its not public. I was advised to always pretend my “Guest” was my wife or girlfriend. I was told the management would most likely know the truth but they didn’t want to “have to know the truth.” That we should not act too wild.

My disappointment had little to do with CRE (Costa Rica Escorts)

They were great. I made a deposit at my local B of A for half the fee before I left and handed over the rest in cash when I arrived and I technically didn’t need to spend another nickel (except for the $20 departure fee).

They moved my trip with out complaint or extra fee when I discovered a scheduling conflict.

They greeted me with two girls who met my previously stated interests and by the time I reached the resort I was very happy.

02/27/12 @ 03:55

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