Comment from: ronny [Visitor]


04/06/12 @ 04:37
Comment from: Panama Jack [Visitor]

CRT still has some members, but it’s nothing compared to its heyday of 2005-2008. Ticaland seems to be the new model people are using.

09/11/13 @ 08:03
Comment from: Panama Jack [Visitor]

This would be a great site if I wanted to monger in 2007. Problems is, I don’t have a time machine, and none of this site’s info is relevant any more.

01/05/14 @ 09:55
Comment from: Micks TSM [Visitor]

This forum seems to get slower and slower. It had great information during my last Costa Rica vacation in 2007, but for 2015 I am afraid to be checking out other boards.

02/21/15 @ 23:43

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