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I was visiting Tallinn for a few days so went on to cityoflove.com and saw Vlada in the Tallinn section; she was a lovely looking blonde. She was 350 euros for an hour outcall, quite pricey but I wanted a treat. Made contact and she promised to come over at 9pm on 3/9/19. At around 7pm I got a message from her saying she couldn’t make it but she had a friend who could come instead. She sent four pictures of Olga, who looked lovely, a tall, slim brunette with large breasts and a nice smile. I asked if the cost was the same and she said yes. What I should have checked was that she offered the same services as Vlada, including oral taking and giving, and french kissing, but I stupidly didn’t (but she might have lied). Olga turned up at 9.10 and just looking out of the hotel room eye hole I was immediately disheartened, as she was staring at her phone. I then let her in. She was probably ten years older than in the photos I’d been sent; she wasn’t in great shape, her breasts were horribly plastic and I swear she’d had bad plastic surgery on her face - at one point I asked her if she was part Chinese but she said, ‘Darling, it’s just my make-up!’ Which was almost certainly a lie, as was her telling me was 28. At least 36 I’d say. She disrobed quickly, with no attention to detail - one nipple was popped out of her bra in ungainly fashion; she wasn’t wearing stockings, just unlovely leggings. The sex was rushed: she quickly got a condom out and as swiftly as possible placed it over my cock and started sucking. No OWO option here. I at least wanted to lick her back but she wouldn’t let me - ‘I don’t like it, darling.’ I started to fck her but didn’t want to come too quickly. She didn’t really want to kiss either. ‘I want to lick you,’ I said; ‘No,’ she said, ‘I want you to fck me.’ I came not long after that.
We chatted for about ten minutes, reasonably pleasantly, and then she went for a shower! For at least ten minutes. When she was doing this I was getting irate and after the shower confronted her, pointing out that she didn’t do the same things as Vlada said she (Vlada) did and that we hadn’t had anything like an hour together (I reckon we’d spent just 20 minutes together naked). She got angry, saying that I shouldn’t complain and no, I couldn’t have 50 euros back which I’d asked for. I dressed and she left, the whole atmosphere now sour and not pleasant.
So… BEWARE VLADA and BEWARE OLGA. They promise much more than they deliver. They are a pair of conniving Lithuanians and Olga is physically much, much worse than her photos.
Hope this stops anyone else from getting ripped off by them.

09/12/19 @ 02:17

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