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AO stands for "Alles Ohne". In essence the members of this website seek to find sex partners practicing sex without condoms. This has become rather popular in Germany and Austria in particular. In most cases responsible partners exchange copies of their most recent HIV test from their local health authority ("Gesundheitsamt").

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Not the cheapest region for commercial sex, but there are some offerings as this site will show you. Hookers in Munich are upscale priced compared to the rest of Deutschland sex.

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German / Italian guide to Munich..... sounds a bit suspicious: why put a German site in Italian ??? Want to finish as fast as a Ferrari ??? Anyhow, this sex portal offers ads for prostitutes from Munich, Augsburg, Rosenheim and Regensburg, all of fucking South Bavaria.

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Sex action between Osnabrueck and Bielefeld. Advertisement of Bielfefeld brothels, Osnabrueck Partytreffs and female German escorts from that region in central Germany. BTW, the area is located where the Romans got beat by the Alemannen 2 thousand years ago. History!

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Introduction to commercial sex in Dresden. Features 'butterfly-net' an active review board about northern Bohemia and Poland. There are alternatives to German sex on the border.

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