1. § ikson ally Email said on :
    This is to revel this little moster who is hardly 4ft of height . she is a theif who stole my all money & cards . Stay away from this weird bloody ghost woman . i think the purnima bhatt, india sex guide & pallavi rao are the sites by one male broker not independent escort, 100% right !
  2. § Jack Sens said on :
    Dude , difficult to find some reliable chick in Delhi now a days .
    I took services of one independent Girl "Orpita Das" her website is also by her name (orpitadas.com) based in Delhi and it was all right with me .
    Really this fat chick is upto mark atleast in India .
  3. § Mohan Singh said on :
    Yes Jack Sens But now another website by the name of orpitadas.biz is also owned by her, just met her 2 days back and she told that her dot com (so dot biz is there) is not performing well. Even she is available.
    Best of Luck.

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