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One of the few comprehensive English guides to Japanese adult establishments accepting foreign customers. Erolin recommends various clubs in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Uguisudani, Hokkaido and many other places. It explains the system of operation for each club as there are different kind of clubs offering different menus. Discount coupons are offered as well.

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Tokyo, Nippon Eros 3 reviews

Arriving in a foreign country and not speaking the language can be challenging. When looking for adult entertainment in Japan foreigners face hurdles hard to overcome. Language and lack of culture understanding pose barriers that are best to break with a good, local guide and proper information. This website offers a list of friendly sexual places in Tokyo for a modest fee. It teaches people exactly where to go and have a great time with sexy, attractive Japanese women. The list reports 238 establishments in Tokyo accepting foreigners. Lots of useful information with maps and explanations are provided. After all it's an eye opening experience that allows foreigners to get closer to what they want most: company of Japanese women.

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