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Very popular Mexican escort forum about TJ and other parts of the World. Registration is required. They are also known as 'Club Hombre'. It's a membership only site. Fees are very moderate and well worth the information it contains about sex in Mexico and many other countries around the globe. A solid bookmark for mongering in Mexico!

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Cool blog about hookers in Tijuana. The webmaster compiled reports, Youtube videos and some other resources to write up basic facts about the red-light district "Zona Norte" aka "Cahuila". It's a nice introduction to newbies about what to expect during their first visit. Some mature commentors add valuable information for frugal John about picking the cheapest street girls. The expensive clubs don't always have the hottest women is stated.

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Tijuana escort agency with online photos and descriptions of their available Mexican female escorts that are based in Baja, just a few miles away from San Diego, CA.

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Table dance club on Calle Coahuila inside infamous TJ Zona Roja Club Hong Kong bears the reputation as one of the hottest brothels in Central America. HK's girls are the most expensive Tijuana hookers. Taking them outside for a session inside luxurious Hotel Cascadas' Master Suite causes mayor damage to every wallet. Well, it's fun from what we hear. Even Hollywood loves this club.

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