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Rumors are the women on chat sites from Asian countries such as The Philippines and India are more than eager to date with Americans, Japanese and European men. They are dreaming about a future with love, romance and the possibility to start a family. They are sweet and simple and maybe a better alternative for good sex over bargirls and prostitutes. Talk to them. They will show you how sexy they can be.

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Mittersill FKK sexclub with two-tiered entrance fee from 25 to 50 Euro. Noblesse offers offers a Laufhaus with sauna and movie theater. The images under "ambiente" suggest a cosy and luxurious feeling to patron's stay. Located between Kitzbuhel and Lienz it's situated inside a very upscale and picturesque mountain area that is known to be the home of many wealthy and famous people. You may meet one of them in this sex club.

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Self acclaimed six star nightclub Fun Palast requires a door fee for entrance. Frequent visitors can avail of discounts by advance purchase of 5 or 10 entrances. With a prime location in Vienna, it's one of the best known brothels of Austria. Lot of erotic events are promoted here. Besides vagina their menu also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Half way between Winterthur and St. Gallen Club el Harem presents itself as one very upscale address for gentlemen who wish to relax and have fun while being entertained by sexy women. The club charges 80 CHF entrance and every quick events amounts to another 80 CHF. It's a very similar concept to Germany's FKK clubs, but el Harem is officially a sauna club. Their facilities include a lounge, stange, kontaktbar, sauna, solarium and other cozy corners.

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Roermond Saunaclub YinYang is Holland's answer to German FKK clubs. The large mansion is hidden behind lush gardens and a castle like walls. Inside this is one of the most luxurious and splendid brothels in Holland with indoor and outdoor facilities erotic dreams are made of.

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Budget FKK in former Eastern Germany's hotspot Erfurt. Entrance to these nice facilities are just 30 Euro in damage. Lovely courtesans and a plush interiour make gusts feel welcome. Events with international XXX stars spice up the club from time to time. Christmas party in December and outdoor swimming in summer. Life is like heaven on earth in Erfurt's first FKK club.

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Hot redhead Tirol escort. Click on 'geile pics' to see her photo portfolio of nudes and aroused images. That chick must be a lot of fun. Emanuella is one hell of a shaved pleasure goddess. She "works" all day and she adds new pic every couple of week. Nicely shaven, btw.

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Free link page for addresses of escorts, independent escorts, clubs, bars, brothels, swinger clubs and much more from all over Austria, free erotic chat. The index is rather old-school and somewhat of an antiquity of Austrian web design.

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Vienna escort service agency with small selection of attractive companions. The image quality is rather low and their website includes ads for webcams. That looks a bit strange to be honest. Wouldn't any escort agency want to present good images of their models without destractive advertising?

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Innsbruck brothel with lounge and sauna club departments. The door charge is 100 Euro. It includes all drinks except for Champagne. Activities in rooms and suites are charged by the mistresses. Open from 6 pm until 4 am, daily. Circolo takes pride in offering high quality on all levels.

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Exclusive carnal pleasure above the roof of Salzburg. Very upscale night- and sexclub with large, luxurious rooms and over-sized beds. You don't wanna fall down while you are having fun. Fully stocked bar with a stable of racy horses from different part of Europe. Have fun like a victorious Roman emperor (for those who can afford).

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Austrian companion profiles, need Flashplayer to view page. It's an Vienna escort service agency with many online ladies. Specials on long term relationships possible with some independents on board. Dial the same phone number for each model.

Sao Paulo 1 review

Homepage of a Sao Paulo massage shop where customers feel happy as VIPs. One of their model is proudly showed off: Pornstar Monica Mattos. Who wouldn't want to get an erotic body massage with happy ending from such a good looking Latina babe and combine it with pornstar GFE? Brazil is one great place to have fun.

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According to their homepage there is a minimum limit of 79 different females working this FKK sexclub every single day, probably divided by two shifts. The location Kaarst is clove to many strategic Autobahn highways connecting Krefeld, Dusseldorf and Essen enroute to The Netherlands. It's not a real FKK club though, it's more of an sauna club since women tend to wear thongs and lingerie most of the time.

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This private sauna is a nice place to relax with company. Ideal for couples or romantic escort dates. Bookings can be for three hours and even overnight. Private sauna is like a luxury apartment with king sized bed and steambath, and of course a sauna room.

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Spiffy blog based design for an escort agency in West Ukraine. Lvov aka Lemberg is a pretty big city mostly frequented by European tourists. be sure to read our scam warning before making advance payments to agencies in the Ukraine. Their ladies look very sexy to be a companion in Lvov.

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The site Ceased accepting new members, sorry. Description below is old and kept for reference, only.

The best site for single male sex travelers. Lot's of reports and huge archives, plenty of pics and 3 regional message boards with tons of articles, database of apartments and guest-friendly hotels, etc. It was the first World Sex site that had sort of a journalistic approach to the topic, at least that was as long as I was a member, before :-) Today, TSM travel has slowed down a lot and member activity is descending. It could use a bit more activity of contributors from various regions to be more attractive for paying international sex forum members.

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Kiev escort mall displaying females of three different Kiev escort agencies. They make it a point that customers and ladies are not to exchange any contact information during their meetings. That sounds very repressive and backwards oriented, but some chicks are pretty hot with covers on Met art magazine.

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A classic erotic site with many gorgeous nude girls from Russia and the Ukraine. The girls are gorgeous and the photography is more sensual than at Playboy and Penthouse together. Metart is probably the best source for nude, international women. Some of whom are escorts, indeed.

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Blonde and shaved vixen Jodie Moore is known to every friend who loves to watch adult movies made in Australia. Besides her career as a model and actress she is available as an international pornstar escort. Wouldn't it be great to just make a pornstar date with her? According to her website she lives in Australia and the USA. The Brisbane model travels to China and Europe a lot where she might be able for additional dates.

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Very sensual and sexy looking companions for visitors to Sydney who seek fine time with quality. each Sydney escort is depicted in several images clearly showing her attractive body (but not her face - for privacy). Photos are very tasty and delicious to look at. They reveal why this upscale agency charges slightly higher prices per hour. One of their models is Zoe Maddison, a famous cyber sex model.

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en.wikipedia.orgFamous Australian brothel mistress who ran brothels in Melbourne. She was the Matriarch of a criminal family. Another famous brothel keeper: Madame Brussels. For some reasons criminal elements and motives are always presented first when it comes to prostitution. Vice is not sufficiently satisfactory without crime. Anyhow: it is an very interesting piece of historic information.

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Team of various good looking ladies from Belgium who distribute escort services on demand. Brussels is their main field of professional practise. Other areas can be Willebroek, Gent, Aalst, Leuven, Antwerpen or Turnhout. Some of the ladies speak French or German. They look very sophisticated inside their spiffy, plush lingerie.

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Very good erotic directory for massage parlors, escort bureaus, private bordellos and swinger club in Holland and neighboring Benelux countries. Each entry contains details and descriptions and one or another option for direct contact. It's very clean and lean with easy navigation. Wish all directories would be as great as this one.

Belgium Prive 2 reviews

After confirmation of adult status Private Girls offers a website of their Wommelgem establishment where the models can be seen and visited. Their interiours look very comfy and cuddly for discreet pampering by their courtesan who look like solid housewife and mistress quality.

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Private Thai massage parlor in Mechelen near Zandpoortvest 1 and 2. Mechelen is close to Brussels and Bornheide along highway E19. Pam and Moo know the ancient art of Thai massage therapies and are able to combine them with sensual powers of charming Oriental masseuses. Relax and enjoy their hands and bodeis.

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Erotic ads from Holland and Belgium. Ads are for prives, private brothels in many major cities. They include pictures of a sex wroker, her text and description in which brithel to find her (oh, you have to navigate around adult spam quite a bit). Belgian cities with prives include Limburg, Brabant and Wallonië. In The Netherlands they include Drenthe, Flevoland, Groningen and Utrecht.

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Private adverts of Belgian callgirls, masseuses, camgirls and swingers. There is a very similar portal online called Wellust. A small thumb picture - mostly anonymously - is posted along with an advertisement. Not all ads are made by real people, but spam for adult sites. Be aware.

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Friendly looking Belgian girls in a small domestic brothel. Click on "meisjes' to see sensual underwear images of Amber. She looks like a very erotic Belgian women. The site maybe inactive as its new section announced a new web address that has is offline. Go figure.

Belgium Prive 2 reviews

Sexual ads of brothels, escorts and swinger clubs from all over Belgium. The offers are very different in nature. Many private escorts (prive) advertise here with images and contact information. Some of them don't have website so it's worth some time to check them out. Intersting resource for swinger couples, too.

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Escort and sex catalog for Belgian and Dutch hookers. Navigate with care as many links are plain spam for webcams, phone sex and other filthy porn sites of deceptive and commercial character. Sometimes you have to go thru pain to find the girl of your dreams. Sorry for that.

Prostitution, California, US Escort Boards & Lists 1 review

Social resource dedicated to women working as prostitutes, adult film performers and strippers. It deals with all sorts of prostitution issues and is weighted towards the US state of California. Always remember: be nice and kind to sex workers.

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Punter community with many discussions about Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Best GFE includes ads, reviews and a lively forum in one hybrid site. Central and North New Jersey are the most busy regions being discussed by this community that represents a mix of providers, punters and interested partied. Solid bookmark for punting on the East Coast.

Eros Mexico 2 reviews

Sexy Mexican escorts from Guadalajara. This mall shows images of around 50 chicas. Images have annoying watermarks all over them and make this website hard to use. What a pity.

Tijuana 1 review

Cool blog about hookers in Tijuana. The webmaster compiled reports, Youtube videos and some other resources to write up basic facts about the red-light district "Zona Norte" aka "Cahuila". It's a nice introduction to newbies about what to expect during their first visit. Some mature commentors add valuable information for frugal John about picking the cheapest street girls. The expensive clubs don't always have the hottest women is stated.

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Nightlife and dining guide for Phnom Penh. This list provides the ultimum starting point for adult nightlife research. Some of those bars and nightclubs are great places to meet freelancers and socialize with people who know the ropes of the city and Cambodian chicks.

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An older website depicting models from Saigon who are marketed for very expensive fees in comparison to what locals and expats pay for services. The images are fun to browse, but if you want to see all pictures of their Vietnamese providers visitors are asked for a deposit. Maybe that is the purpose of the site since all models are cute like commercial fashion models? No firther information is available, unfortunately.

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Nightclub in Praha 2 with incall and outcall providers. Prices for all kinds of different services are posted on their website. They start from aroun 1200 Koruni (50 Euro) for 30 minutes of intimacy. Women showed on their website are rather mature and well experienced housewife type of providers who certainly know their job. Premises are open until 5 am in the early morning. For those who like to have fun late nights this might be the place to explore.

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Find horny London girls on one of the largest single's databases on the net. Maybe you are lucky and get laid for free by one of the hot English bitches that post their self-shot nude pics. It's an legitimate market place to find erotic dates as well as part time escorts who use ads on dating sites as a front to prostitution.

Angeles City 2 reviews

Two busy afternoon bars with cheap booze and plentyful bargirl talent. Girls from Cherry and Stampeed are very eager to make their customers happy. They do offer short time love room in a hotel located above both bars. Try it out. I know, their website looks very bad, but their bars are pretty cool.

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Ofted tauted as Manila's best night club Air Force One near the international airport is one of the hottest nightspots for gentlemen, certainly. It's all very discrete. The main rooms are for stripclub style bikini dancing and socializing in Parañaque. The all-inclusive portion of meetings with close contact takes place in private VIP rooms, available for around 70$ of damage for each brother, that is how Asians replace "punter" term in a kinder way. Great place to hold business meetings.

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Vanilla escort named Wanda. The nude pictures on her website add weight to her statement about being beautiful. Typical long legged blonde you read about in textbooks describing Scandinavian beauties. She can be reached by phone or email and her prices are quoted on her website along with her acceptable practices.

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Escort and talent agency serving Metro Miami area and South Florida. Selfies of erotic photo models and actresses for hire in all their seductiveness from West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, the home of American springbreak parties. Maze Models claims to be the best Miami escort service provider. Their listings include known American pornstar escort like Bella Hart, Kelly Andrews and Mimi Rayna. Definitely, date material.

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Paid advertising directory of privates from all over the republic including lesser known rural places like Jihomoravskı Kraj or Moravskoslezskı Kraj. A clickable map is located in upper left corner of each page. easy to navigate to the part of Czech Republic that one wishes to explore. Lots of images from fallen Angels who serve the needs of desperate budget punters.

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Known as a British adult actress Tanya Tate is one of the hottest UK pornstar escorts. Tanya is turning to cyber sex these days, but you may explore her website to seek further contact with her. There are a lot of changes in her life and her site has changed a lot. We can't say more, you will need to figure it out yourself if you care for a British pornstar date.

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It's one of the most famous brothels in the World and many other establishments copy this name. Mustang Ranch is a landmark brothel in Nevada, the first cat house to be licensed in 1971 according to their website introduction. It's ladies are pretty and do include pornstars like Kita Zen and other. Yes, you can come here and conduct a pornstar-sex session with Kita, one of the hottest Oriental pussy cats. Location: close to Reno and Sparks, NV.

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Famous Tampa stripclub close by Tampa airport and International Mall along Sprout Street or so. Pretty easy to find. Their shows and girls are stunning. Hard to believe they have so many gorgeous strippers in just this one club. You hardly see as many cuties on the streets on any given day. Their website seem to a project in progress. It appears they do want to offer membership based online broadcasts of private striptease shows. Hey, everybody who knows the concept of "staring at pussy and drinking beer" knows you have to be inside the club to have fun.

Eros Espana 1 review

Escort forum for vacation hotspots Tenerife and Las Palmas where gentlemen and companions discuss their encounters in private public. The discussions extend from escorts to massages and Zona Rojas, red-light districts with bars and street hookers for questionable activities that we all love too much. Other areas such as capital Madrid find their place as well. Most importantly, customers discuss fakes and false images. This section is rather large. Consumer watch galore.

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Pleasure for gentlemen in Dansk and English language. These Copenhagen escorts create desires for a romantic trip to Denmark. Some are rather exotic women with cinnamon skin, others are classy European babes. Each Cassiopeia Star has her own profile page with sexy images in suggestive poses.

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