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Rumors are the women on chat sites from Asian countries such as The Philippines and India are more than eager to date with Americans, Japanese and European men. They are dreaming about a future with love, romance and the possibility to start a family. They are sweet and simple and maybe a better alternative for good sex over bargirls and prostitutes. Talk to them. They will show you how sexy they can be.

Eros Korea Write review

This report from 2002 provides some insight on the red light districts of Seoul like 588, Hooker Hill and Itaewon as well as the freelancer pick up hot spot Hollywoods. However, a lot of things have changed since then.

Kuala Lumpur Escort 5 reviews

Malay escort service and massage in Penang. Also available in KL, Langkawi, Johor and Ipoh. Unfortunately, this website went offline and is no longer in service. Sorry.

Kuala Lumpur Escort 1 review

Escort agency Kuala Lumpur. Not to much info on their site. Images appear to by of symbolic character, only.

Tallinn Escorts Write review

Sexy female Tallinn escorts on this blog style sex guide offering paid advertising for female companions from Estonia. To bad some of the images are fake, but I guess the girls want to keep their privacy. Some list phone numbers and webpages for contact and information.

Milano Escort 1 review

Directory of fetish and BDSM escorts in Milano for gentlemen that prefer strong female leadership. It's a free resource without binding offers and it contains some misleading adverts to BDSM dating sites.

Rome Escorts, Milano Escort Write review

Messageboard and pictorials of sexy Italian escorts. This escort forum provides good info and reviews on Italian escorts from all regions like Roma, Milano, Bologna and Venice girls. It has become a pretty big Italian escort site within a couple of years. One could say it's the Sammy Boy of Italy.

Eros Italia Write review

Spider Sex is an Italian sex portal with links to adult sites, Italian camgirls with webcams and Rome dating pages for singles in Milan, Torino and other big cities as well as rural areas. hey, maybe it's your source for some ancient Roman porn from Vatican?

Zuerich Write review

Caligula's sister club is a normal, Swiss luxury bordello near a popular highway exit between Zurich and Basel. Most of their providers are from Romania and very sexy in nature. They have the reputation of performing professionally on high levels. Image portfolios of their providers are online based on their shift presence for work.

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Filipino Porn Movies 5 reviews

Free Filipino porn movies are usually very easy to find on the internet, but in most cases it is old and overused content that has been seen for years and ages in cyberspace because it has been copied all over again. However, fresh Pinay sex movies are not that easy to come by and can only be found on listed sites above. If you know of any worthwhile sex sites from the Philippines with Pinay amateurs and Manila hardcore or Cebu bargirls, please, drop us a message or preview request.

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Filipino Porn Movies, Filipina Bargirls 7 reviews

White Western sex tourists invade the Philippines. They drive around in Trikes to search for Filipina girls for cheap sex. They film sex movies with them in cheap hotel rooms. It's a Filipino porn site with white guy and LBFM action. Great stuff and content for a Filipina sex site! They prefer the dark skinned sex machines from the remote provinces. True amateur porn from the Philippines with lots of horny personality.

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Filipino Porn Movies, Nude Filipina, Filipina Bargirls, Angeles City, Cebu, More Filipino Sex 5 reviews

Newest Filipino porn casting girls online. FSD is an Facebook-like diary of a Canadian guy who visits the Philippines for an extended sex vacation. His objective: find fresh Philippine pussy in Angeles City and Manila for vagina pumping every day. John Tron utilizes social networks, Asian dating sites and classifieds to get laid. When he is more adventures he talks up regular store clerks and when he needs a quick fix, lesbians and true 3-holers from gentlemen bars are on his hands as well. The guy never uses a condom and his girls are pretty hot. He calls each of his lays a 'trophy' and divides them in creampie Filipina, cumshot, oral sex, lesbians and so on.

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Filipino Porn Movies, Filipina Bargirls 1 review

Filipina bargirls that get their faces creamed with cumshots. It's some older footage with interracial Filipino porn scenes that are around for a couple of years. The girls depicted on that site were working insides the Angeles City RLD around Field Avenue in Angeles City in 2002 and 2003.

Filipino Porn Movies, Filipina Bargirls 1 review

Simple hardcore sex in large archives. Filipinos having sex with Filipina bargirls. Some of the sex scenes are very extreme so it is pretty obvious that most girls are real Filipina bar girls from Pinoy bars that you can barfine for filming your own Filipino porn movies and pictures should you decide to visit the Philippines for some R&R. Older content on this site was filmed in Manila while newer hardcore movies are from Angeles City.

Asian Porn 1 review

If you like Asian chicks and Asian bar girls that are over 30 years of age than you have to check out this mature Asian porn site. It's amazing to see how well old Asian bargirls provide naughty blowjobs. The site includes various mamasans from Asian red-light districts aged 50 and older.

Asian-American Porn, Asian Porn Write review

A collection of Asian amateurs engaging in explicit sexual acts. Some of the girls cope with 2 cocks at the same time while other do anal porn - very seldomly found with Asian porn stars. The Asians seen on this site are mostly Asian-American pornstars like Nicole Oring, Lily Thai, Akira Lane and Brooke Serey & Kalea Li.

Thai babes, Thai Hardcore Write review

Their main attraction are spiffy softcore Thai models, but they also feature a section with Bangkok porn movies uni-racial between Thai girls and Bangkok gigolos. If you want to see Thai girls and guys have sex you can find it on this site. It's not the typical white sextourist-bangs-bargirl smut from the other commercial Thai porn sites.
However, the main focus are topshelf Thai babes nudes. One of the most sensual and trust worthy Thai sex sites online.

Indian Porn 1 review

This is an index of the Asian Sex Land site. It collects info on Indian adult sites, Indian porn and reviews them. There are also links to free Indian sex pics.

Porn Star, Asian-American Porn, Asian Porn Write review

Huge Asian sex photo and video archive with images and videos of various Asian amateurs and Oriental porn stars. They feature blowjobs, real sex and even Asian bondage scenes. The site has been in business since 1995. Most of their performers are far-eastern immigrants who live in Canada and USA, today.

Thai Hardcore, Filipina Bargirls, Thai Bargirls 1 review

You ever heard of Asianstreetmeat main protagonist Nigel? A bald Briton with a big dick in action with cheap Thai street whores. Yes, that is the ugly guy with the big scar on his belly that fucks around with Thai bar girls everyday and puts his exploits on video. ETA present some of his earlier sexcapades from 10 years ago with tons of bar girls. It contains some Filipina hookers and Cambodian amateurs as well, but most girls are Thai whores although they are labeled as Filipina bar sluts. Just look at the faces of the girls and you will know they are Issan hookers from Siam Kingdom.

Thai Porn in the News

Thai Hardcore Write review

From time to time mainstream media like ZD net Asia write about porn productions in Thailand. Usually, it is about people who offend the countries pride or who publish movies and illicit images without the previous consent of models. One of the most famous British-American porn producers John T. Bone was cought filming porn movies in Bangkok and Pattaya on several occassions. His illicit productions included Brazilian nationals who did not appear to have work permits to work in Thai porn flicks if there is any such thing. There were plenty of articles about busts on Pattaya Daily News. John Bowen closed down his Pattaya based movie production to start filming Filipina bar girls in Angeles City under his new artist name Christian Cardim. However, his Philippines based operation closed down in early 2010 after his location 'Casi Cielo' was raided according to Asia Barhop Forum.

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Budapest Stripclubs Write review

List of Budapest nightclubs. Some ads and dead links. Appears this page is not well maintained. Just skip it. I will deprecate it shortly from my Hungary Sex Guide.

Erotic Hungary and Adult Dating Budapest, Hungarian Porn 1 review

Toplist for erotic sites, just select category "Erotikus" to get the questionable sites with Hungarian nudes and Pusta porn chicks on one page to see what's most popular on Magyar internet.

Budapest escort List 1 review

Hungarian escort portal showing ads of easy women sorted by Budapest city districts. Most of those ads are from Hungarian prostitutes who operate out of apartment bordellos. Speaking Hungarian does help a lot to find their locations and make inquiries over the phone.

Budapest escort List Write review

Click on 'Holgyek' to see their selection of girls and 'apro' for erotic classifieds with pics. Site also features escort reviews. It's a fairly nice number of Hungarian whores who are pictured on this escort mall. It's one of the longest running Budapest escort sites and it's available in Hungarian, English and German.

Erotic Hungary and Adult Dating Budapest, Budapest Stripclubs Write review

Well known swinger club in Budapest. Couples from all over Europe travel to Dreamland for a weekend of joy and fun. The swinger club has been featured on TV various times. Various online resources of alternative lifestyle and swinging have already featured experiences with this old club.

Kenya 3 reviews

Read what the well established brothel blog writes about sex and prostitution in Kenya. Poverty and sensuality mix for the advantage of hardened sex travelers. It's raunchy and rude with hardened professional hookers who work out of watering holes and Mombasa discos as freelance sex workers for short love affairs by the shot.

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Paris Escort Write review

Freelancer escort portal with ads of ladies who are available for questionable activities as described in their adverts. Some are incall only, other are able to be companions. It's a feast of diversity that is offered. Local women, Asians, Russians and so on and a lot of exotic offers, too. Paris is a truely global city.

Barcelona Escort Write review

International selection of girls who accompany gents vacationing on Mallorca Island, the most popular European holiday destination all around the year. Sunshine, party and hot chick is all you need. The site is built like a gallery of thumbnails. Each thumbnail will open a portrait of another Mallorca escort.

Brothels Write review

Very raunchy suburban brothel on the tram line on Seifertova between Praha Vinohrady and Zizkov. There are many other clubs nearby if you are on the prawl for the girlfriend for the night. The place is small and intimate. Good place for cheap drinks to find a kind and mature companion.

Caracas Escort Write review

Spanish and English escort mall and nightlife index for Caracas. Not a cheap place. Some chica escorts ask for 1500 $ per night. Very pretty, but no celebrities or anything. However, this escort mall is an well established Caracas escort site online. The beauty of Venezuelan women is astonishing.

Porn Sites Write review

Various long time tourists and expats shoot their girls for porn movies that are picked up by commercial Thai porn sites for use. Here is a selection of sites that we believe contain bargirls from Thailand:


Whore Pass
Although name of site refers to bein Asian, all porn starlets from Asian Whore Pass are from Thailand. Most of them are Pattaya hookers or Bangkok street whores. Whorepass provides access to a network of bargirl porn. Decent quality and very authentic as all scenes were shot on location in South East Asia with guys who know how to find the best lays in town.

Asian Apple Seed (Offline)
High Performance sex with Thai prostitutes. They are dragged out of a-gogo bars or right from the street for some sweaty Thai porn action. This is one of the raunchiest Asian bar girl porn sites with many updates of some of the filthiest Thai pussy action on the planet. They do some fetish and Asian streetmeat action as well (street meat = street walkers ... cheap whores who solicit for sex while tipping across the sidewalks in skimpy dresses, pantyhose and high heels.) It's one of the few sites that include anal sex from Thailand.

Every Holes Gogo Sluts (Offline)
Bangkok bargirls allow penetration of all holes. The videos on this site are very amateurish and with bad lighting, but they are very raunchy and homey. Just recently they started a relaunch with fresh content every week showing bargirl hardcore. Chicks are pretty rude and ordinary. It can be assumed they have very low price tags and are not highclass Bangkok escorts.


Asian Suck Dolls
Thai Babes from Soi Cowboy bars or anywhere else perform oral test shoots on horny white long time tourist. They are dressed like naughty rural girls who try school dresses for the first time and dunno front from back (before they take off everything, again). It's like they were born to please with Thai oral sex. Pretty nice angles to look at with slutty Thai girls from their best side.

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Austria Tourist Guide Write review

Jenny, Nina and her friends run this private bordello situated in Bezirk 7. Services can include erotic massages and intercourse in various, different positions. Aroma Tempel operates from 11:00 und 2 at night at Palffygasse 3 Top 1.

Vienna Escort Write review

Thumb nail tiled escort mall with images and adverts of local providers, most of whom are female Vienna escorts. Some are from other places and a few sissies mixed in between. Each listing has a phone number and location. In most cases prices and sexual practises are detailled in writing. John may comment and post reviews.

Austrian Brothels Write review

Laufhaus Winter displays its entrance benhind a wall of large bushes. Nobody may see who enters or leaves this Vienna brothel situated in central location near Prater Stern. There is a page with pictures of working prostitutes including one Latin shemale. Maya and Chantal are two spiffy, young providers in this house.

Shemale Eros Write review

Filipino shemales (plus a couple of Thai ladyboys) with webcams next to their beds. They love to chat with potential friends. Many of them are open for a new transsexual relationship with a foreign boyfriend. A good part of them is very open-minded and into escorting around South East Asia. Chat them up and meet them for encounters in Singapore, Dubai or Hong Kong.

Eros Malaysia 1 review

Google maps' section with pinned passage parlors. Most establishments are health spas in central locations around Imbi Monorail station and the Federal hotel. The geo charts also include meeting places for freelancing hookers around KLCC such as the Thai Club and Bistro and the infamous Beach Club full of Pinay hookers.

Eros Malaysia Write review

Now, we are talking! The best and most comprehensive forum for adult fun seeking travelers to Malaysia. Actually it is a forum for Singapore's commercial sex scene but contains a lot of info on available girls in Malaysia, how to pick them up and where to find them. Account registration is necessary to view most discussions. Sammyboy's forum is an icon in mongering cyber world for years.

Angeles City Sex Reviews

Manila Makati and Quezon City, Angeles City, Subic Beach, More Filipino Sex Write review

Asian Escapades
A review board of Angeles City and Philippine related prostitution scene such as gogo bars, beer houses and blowjob bars. The site features a Filipina bar girl spotlight with images of currently working AC bar girls. The board is very active and they show some historic images from Clark Airbase. They cover many events like pool parties and beauty contests with nice pictures. Members are entitled to discounts in many Filipino girlie bars, hotels and shops.
Large message board community with information exchange about the hot spots of the Philippine nightlife capital Angeles City and it's large red-light strip in Balibago around Field's Avenue and Perimeter road. Members of this AC board post images of sexy bargirls and there are various images of 'Girls of the Month' as well as infamous wild wet t-shirt contests. (link to Website no longer available)

World Sex Archives
The global sex vacation forum is always up to date with the sex trade inside Angeles City bars and the performance of AC hookers. Various discussions and images are posted almost on a daily basis. Membership is pretty cheap and worth the small fee to find local whores in AC and Subic Bay.

Angeles City 1 review

Nice and quite bar with plenty show girls inside the Clarkton Hotel's front. Less pressure and a nice pool table for a quick games with ladies or friends. Nice selection of liquor. The cultural dance shows at late hours are spectacular.

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German Brothels Write review

Gangbang parties in Eschborn near Frankfurt. Pay one fee and fuck your brains out. A day ticket costs 120 Euro, cheaper rates available for 2 and 3 hour duration. The participating girls are shown online with basic vitae and bio information. There are extra fees for swallowing, anal sex and urination, but they are moderate. That's some damn cheap sex.

Ukraine Adult Entertainment Write review

Theatre style stripclub on the outskirts of Kiev. It is one of the most recommended adult entertainment for nighttime activities. Solomenka is not that bit, but the intimate setting and closeness to the dancing performers is breath taking. Their strippers are wild kittens with background in ballet and performing arts. It's more than just your regular watering hole.

Eros Cambodia 1 review

There are plenty ladies working as prostitutes voluntarily so pickings are very easy. Be responsible and avoid to support sexual slavery and rights's abuses of minors. This site gives you all the background info you need to have to make the right decision. Please, report child abuse to authorities!

Sofia 1 review

Visiting Varna and the Black Sea beach resorts can be frustrating. There are many sexy women in bikini and topless on sandy beaches, but most of them are married and unable to engage in casual sex. Luckily there are apartments and escort websites allowing to look for paid sexual encounters like Varna escorts. They cater to Varna, Golden Sands, Albena, Balchik, Kranevo, Obzor and Sunny Beach.

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American Porn, German Porn Write review

German babes are hot and a bit kinky. They like to show off their Berlin pussy outdoors and flash their skin and boobs in public places like in front of the Brandenburg Gate, a historic Berlin landmark. They also like to pee, wear skintight latex with a gap surrounding their German pussy and many other naughty tings. Enjoy Jan's exploits of more than just Berlin's vagina exposure.

German Brothels Write review

Just another small eros center along Taunus Strasse in Frankfurt's red-light district next to the main railway station. Walk up the narrow stairs and discover the ladies who occupy the bedrooms one by one. The higher your walk the more intense the smell of cheap perfume gets. Sometimes there are stunners all the way up the attic and other days all steps may be for nothing.

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Santiago de Chile Escorts, Eros Chile 2 reviews

Horny, sexy slutty girls from Chile inside the largest adult single databases on the internet. Many of those chicas look for one-night stands. Some are curious next door chicks while others are part time hookers. Maybe an alternative to find a real Chile whore?!

Eros Chile Write review

Escort mall with acompanantes Chilena images. Nice to explore callgirls from Valparaiso, Santiago, M. Escuela Militar, and other regions. The images appear to be real for as much as one can judge.

Sex Directories Write review


Online version of Czechia's biggest free ads paper 'Annonce'. Check out their 'Seznamka' section for Spolecnice to find ads of private escorts and horny girls looking for naughty guys. Most of it is real! If you ever go to Prague, be sure to pick up Annonce from the first news stand you see. The downside, you need to get down the basics of Czech language to get into heavy flirts with sexy Czech girls from Prague, Brno and Plzen.

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