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Social resource dedicated to women working as prostitutes, adult film performers and strippers. It deals with all sorts of prostitution issues and is weighted towards the US state of California. Always remember: be nice and kind to sex workers.

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This organization is demanding decriminalization of prostitution. It appears to be a blog with various articles about money for sex to increase awareness and opinion building towards civil and labour rights of those who work in the sex industry.

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Legal frame work for prostitution in various countries around the world. You could say it is the world sex guide for prostitution lawyers ... however, I am uncertain about the facts being correct so view with care. Anyhow, it looks very scientific!

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Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia for everything, lists red-light districts from around the world and combines them with short descriptions. Pretty neat to find a RLD at your next travel sex destination. They were used to be neutral, but have changed to negative bias over the years. Even academics engage in worldsex, how else would they know places where to pick up prostitutes?

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Great blog with a multitude of RLD and brothel posts. It reviews red light districts and internet sites dealing with global prostitution together with personal brothels visit experiences from all over the globe. Have a look once in a while, it gets updated with new brothel reviews every couple of weeks including images and videos.

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Good escort and brothel info on Eastern European countries. Hot new reports from Moscow and Cuba. Good escort section. You will find great info on some countries on WSA only that are not featured in most of other sites. Low pricing but great content. A must read for sex travel and sex vacations.

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A large forum about prostitution in many countries. Good source for sex vacation research. While others claim to be on top of the scoop with their sex travel reports, International Sex Guide really is. A prime bookmark for every serious sex tourist and concerning gentleman. Unfortunately, this site is censored by it's owner as webmaster Jackson is horribly afraid of potential competitors. Go figure. We are nice and let his link stand for your reference.

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Educational site that shows research about prostitution from all around the globe. Their angle at the p4p game is oriented from a human rights perspective. They are committed to make the lives of poor prostitutes more prosperous and they fight trafficking. Good to see such sites around to educate punters and prostitutes alike.

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This site is listing the age of consent for sex listed by countries. Not sure how reliable the info is as it appears to be out of date. There is a clear warning about being out of sync with current laws. Do not take this information serious, but use resources provided to double check.

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Splendid idea to combine maps with resources about sex travel. This fresh website offers a little bit more than others as they add maps for lovers or adult nightlife. Just pick your city or country and zoom in on your favorite location to find hot spots for adult nightlife and reviews. The site is pretty explicit in what they want to deliver: How to travel and fuck the World on a shoestring budget. Essential monger advice is provided and consultancy services offered. Cheers and good luck.

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Grandmaster Grubert provides accounts of his sex travel all over the globe. He sells videos, images and other stuff on CD and DVD by mail order. He is a very serious and committed sex tourists with a touch for budget minded punting and hot fun. He has been all over the world and his accounts include Vietnam, Kenya, Thailand, Cuba, Philippines, Brazil, Cambodia and other countries you might have not even heard of.

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