Eros Vietnam 2 reviews

An article about carnal pleasures in Vietnam. Read it first hand from a seasoned Vietnam sex tourist on his Asian sex vacation. There are more Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon sex accounts on WSA once you become a valued member of this mongering fraternity. It's less about Saigon escort girls, but more about budget punting.

Vietnam Sex Report

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Prolific German sex tourist writes about his exploits in Vietnam and Cambodia. He shows images of actual prostitutes from Saigon and the beach resort of Vung Tau. Grubert's first pages are dedicated to Cambodian whores, browse on to the end of his report to read about freelancers and karaoke girls from Vietnam. Some nice Vietnamese hookers for Grubert, indeed.

Eros Vietnam 2 reviews

Find horny single girls' profiles from Vietnam on Adult Friendfinder and it's extensive database of sex date seeking people. You can try to get in touch with Vietnamese girls way ahead of your travel to Hanoi, Ho Chi Min City or Vung Tau. Maybe a good way to score a Saigon escort online or find a free lay with a Vietnamese amateur whore.

Eros Vietnam 1 review

An older Saigon nighlife venue where expats meet with dirty Vietnamese whores. Prices are way to expensive and the freelancers will ask for almost as much money as a Vegas escort. You must be crazy to look for a Saigon escort in this place as suggested by various comments on page. Here is another blog about Saigon Discos. Tip: Saigon sex guides can be found in massage and beauty shops.

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