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Massage parlor story from a spa in Jakarta where a lot of expats enjoy the nightlife every day. It's like a paradise. Most health spas are located inside or nearby 5-star hotels.

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Sex tourist accounts and travel guide for Batam on the Riau Islands. This place is known to be a great weekend destination for sex tourism - very close to Singapore. The original website has ceased operation, but the link points to the internet archive for the old site's content.

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Sex vacation reports from Indonesia's adult nightlife. It includes information about the Bali sex scene in addition to the typical Indonesian destinations like Batam and Jakarta M Block and so on. The report provides data that is a bit dated, but recent forum posts reveal more accurate info for WSA members who have a password.

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Interesting older news arictle about prostitution in Indonesia. The information is very dated as it was gathered between 1992 and 1997. However, it contains important historical facts that are interesting to observe as Indonesia is a Muslim country with legal prostitution. Together with Turkey, it's one out of two Muslim country with legal, licensed brothels.

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Find horny Indonesian girls on one of the largest single's databases on the net. Indonesian single women post their sexy images on this friendfinder portal for finding casual sex dates and romance. Why else would they expose themselves in such an open matter?

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Some older tidbits from the World Sex Guide about prostitution in Jakarta. It deals about Jakarta massage parlors and the freelancers around the infamous Block M, previously the biggest red-light district in Asia. Click thumb above for complete report.

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Fabulous report about the erotic massage parlors in Jakarta. This is a must read when heading to Jakarta even if it is very extensive. However, be reminded this article was written in 2000 and some things may have changed such as names and locations of Jakarta massage parlors and health centers.

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A professional sex-reporter flies to Jakarta in search of erotic adventures. He finds many Jakarta brothels, massage parlors and freelancing disco babes. For some extra pay hookers are offered to appear inside his sex diary movies. While their faces are masked on the public part of the website tour, members receive full access to their images and sex movies, uncensored. When you plan to visit Jakarta for a sex vacation this website shows you how the girls perform between sheets. Indo coeds are pretty similar to Filipinas. Members exchange information in forms of comments for each episode.

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This blog lists attendants from Kelapa Gading massage spa D'Heaven. Kelapa Gading is one of the many red-light and adult entertainment districts of Jakarta. The site offers massage 'all inclusive'. Guess what that means? The massage therapists all look pretty and sexy.

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Indonesians love to publish their intimate stuff in free yahoo clubs. Plenty of homemade pics ... You need to have an active Yahoo email-account to join these groups and you need to be over 18 years of age, of course. However, some groups are receiving less attention these days with FB and Faceparty becoming more popular.

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Great resort in Batam on the Riau Islands just across the strait to Singapore.

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Met Art or Most Erotic Teens is the most reputable nude art babe site online. It's even more popular than Playboy. Over the past years a lot of Asian nudes have been compiled by top fashion and nude photographers who are fond of Asian models. If you want to look for country specific nudes of Indonesian, Korean or Japanese girls use advanced search in upper right corner. The amount of top-shelf nude babes and amateurs is amazing.

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Modern technology makes finding brothels and sex clubs easier. This map shows hot spots of carnal pleasures in Jakarta including Malioboro spa and club and Travel Hotel. Most places are closeby to each other. Quantities and quality of available talents is fantastic. Many places are called hotels, but in reality they are bordellos for short time love affairs with cheap Indonesian hookers.
Link: Jakarta Map

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