1. § DR. GEORGE Email said on :
    go to angeles city all the time best girls in the world
  2. § Martin Givens Email said on :
    They have new content with much better chicks now. I think they slowed down a lot before, but since 2011 they have way more better content and movies. Jimmy, you are my hero. I would love to shoot some porn movies with my busty LBFM barfines for your site.
  3. § Donald Cuerdon Email said on :
    Definitely the best girls in the world. Angeles City is awesome!
  4. § tmboyz said on :
    many of those bar girls you in see in the PH (manila, angeles or elsewhere) are just about average -in everything sexual - actually!. You can see how ordinary most of them are in those hand held (irritating) trike videos (why don't they hire someone to take the shots?)
    In malaysia, hong kong and Singapore you'll find hundreds of these very same LBFMs on tourist visas working in pubs. If you are from one of these countries, there is no need to go all the way to the PH. But i suppose the girls are much cheaper there.
  5. § tmboyz said on :
    More than a handful of girls i know live in Angeles city but are not working in fields avenue and time to time i keep meeting girls from pampanga and tarlac who have not been to Angeles at all. And almost all of them are seasoned pub girls no different from the girls plying their trade in fields avenue.
    Filipina, malay, indonesian,viet, chinese or thai, a girl (even two at a time) can only do so much; however talented. When you get real close you'll find that these girls do it only for the money. They have their likes, dislikes and their own individual taste for men. So the trick to fun in these places is to look for those who appear to like you (but we are never sure! are we?) and not the other way around. And don't be fooled into thinking that each and every LBFM is crazy over white men!! Even the filipina who affects the most artificial of American accents may have a secret local boyfriend hidden away behind a banana tree! who may turn out to be the ultimate beneficiary of your generosity.
    A word of advice: Don't think too much lol...:)
  6. § Messy said on :
    Best girls!
  7. § jm said on :
    Best Girl
  8. § Courey Email said on :
    I'm new in Tokyo. Looking for some escort services in my apartment.
    Interested gals pls contact
  9. § Roman Puttzinger said on :
    This used to be a great, original site, but there are no more updates. Too bad they don't shoot any more new bargirls from AC. Why not?
  10. § Ramon Maliboo said on :
    Loved Trike Patrol. Nice to see the smut is still around. Wondering, too, why they can't find any new bargirls for more recent updates. Would be nice to see how they perform these days as many things have changed in Angeles and shit is more expensive then ever. Probably they make more commissions from triple lady drinks than from overnight stays.
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