1. § Stand up for SG bros Email said on :
    Had a lousy session with Gucci yesterday. 40 mins late after confirmed appointment and blamed me for booking the wrong hotel in Balestier after she told me to book a room there. BJ with cap and want you to explode because she wants to earn extra 90 bucks. So beware bros. body so so but attitude sucks big time. Boasted she has lots of regular so don't need us to support her. She is from City Angels and from Guangzhou.
  2. § clement Email said on :
    not command but like
  3. § jacque Email said on :
    Just visited Cindy escort, I must say the lousiest service I ever encountered. First feel lag service during booking process. Take around an hour with numerous reminders before received reply. Secondly after entered room, took more than 40 minutes also after numerous sms without reply, then the so called escort arrived. Shower process was worst I can imagine, almost burn my bro by her clumsiness. Conclusion i'll never consider service exclude room. I'm don't even sure whether the escort is what I've booked.
  4. § mint said on :
    Just visited cindy escort. Worst escort service.
  5. § TZ said on :
    Hi bro don't simply believe the photo pasted in the site .When u met the gal that will be a different story, some more the service also lousiest - not gal serves u but u serves the gal back.What the hell man ! This really a trap ,watch out !
  6. § Siful Email said on :
    I like sex
  7. § Robby Email said on :
    bro must go for abit expensive one service tip top
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