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Streetwalkers parade designated red-light areas on Bangkok's main hooker strip Sukhumvit Road. A film crew consisting of veteran sex tourists and camera men pick up poor girls and addicts. They take them to nearby short-time love hotels. The rest is what you can see on this site. Authentic interracial whore sex from the Venice of Asia as they call Siam's capital. It's raw sex with desperate hooker who have nothing else to do, but to make to tourists who can't get laid by normal women. Greatest public service to be advertised her. It's easy to find Bangkok Street Whores once you have seen this site!

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Very secretive new Asian bargirl pornsite. Asian Sex Diary is an sequel to FSD, the most popular Filipino porn site from 2013. The producer John Tron decided to widen his working circle from the Philippines to all of Asia. While he travels around the continent he shoots videos in Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Filipinas in Macau, Vietnamese women in Singapore's Orchard Towers and freelance hookers from Kuala Lumpur's Beach Club. Members have access to data where to find hooker pickup spots all over Asia.

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You ever heard of Asianstreetmeat main protagonist Nigel? A bald Briton with a big dick in action with cheap Thai street whores. Yes, that is the ugly guy with the big scar on his belly that fucks around with Thai bar girls everyday and puts his exploits on video. ETA present some of his earlier sexcapades from 10 years ago with tons of bar girls. It contains some Filipina hookers and Cambodian amateurs as well, but most girls are Thai whores although they are labeled as Filipina bar sluts. Just look at the faces of the girls and you will know they are Issan hookers from Siam Kingdom.

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Graphic diary made by an European sex tourist about his Pattaya bargirl escapades in Pattaya. Klaus exposes Thai bargirl whores in hardcore videos and charges money for people to watch his documentation. Very exploitative, but the best prostitute reality porn website about Pattaya bargirls hands down. Real and raw sexual performances of sleazy Thai whores! You get what you pay for: filthy Thai hookers - cheap and willing!

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From time to time mainstream media like ZD net Asia write about porn productions in Thailand. Usually, it is about people who offend the countries pride or who publish movies and illicit images without the previous consent of models. One of the most famous British-American porn producers John T. Bone was cought filming porn movies in Bangkok and Pattaya on several occassions. His illicit productions included Brazilian nationals who did not appear to have work permits to work in Thai porn flicks if there is any such thing. There were plenty of articles about busts on Pattaya Daily News. John Bowen closed down his Pattaya based movie production to start filming Filipina bar girls in Angeles City under his new artist name Christian Cardim. However, his Philippines based operation closed down in early 2010 after his location 'Casi Cielo' was raided according to Asia Barhop Forum.

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Just in case you wondered what a creampie is supposed to be: it is a female vagina covered in fresh sperm (cum). The male leaves his penis inside the vagina while ejaculating and while he slowly retracts the warm sperm starts to flow out of the Thai pussy. Get the idea? Now see some spermed Thai porn movie stars. They look so hot with high heels, leg warmers and dripping white cum.

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Newer Thai girlfriend portal. Fresh Bangkok teens nude, shooting themselves in the bathroom mirror and while having sex with their boyfriends and lovers - some call it Emo-style. This is one of the newest Thailand based teen porn sites with pretty adorable cuties showing of their pink bits and curves. Get a sneak of this new Asian smut while it still smells like fresh Bangkok pussy!

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LBFM stands for 'little brown fucking machines'. The Thai sex site contains a huge archive of Thai bar girls, Filipina amateur girls and many more Asian women in naughty scenes. The images are of good resolution and portrait Third World character as well as the beauty of sexy girls from Pattaya and Bangkok. It's updated more often than most ofter sites from this amateur genre and model are pretty innocent and cute (sometimes).

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Find resources of Thai girls from Pattaya Walking Street and a few agogo bars like Soi 6 and countless Naklua beer bars. It's an eternal Pattaya hooker blog with descriptions and reviews of bars with sexy Pattaya girls, now. There is also a section about specific websites that feature real Pattaya Hardcore movies where bargirl engage in filthy sex acts. That's what money can buy in sin city. They don't post any more Asian whores from Rapidshare or Mega-upload anymore.

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One less known Thai porn site: It's dedicated to slim and petite Siam love angels. This site is privately run and not one of the big commercial enterprises. The guy in charge travels to Thailand twice a year to follow his fetish for petite Pattaya teens of 18 years and his addiction to gratify all horny ladies with sticky facials and creamy cumshots to seal each happy ending of sexual act. Nice and intimate bar girl hardcore site.

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Their main attraction are spiffy softcore Thai models, but they also feature a section with Bangkok porn movies uni-racial between Thai girls and Bangkok gigolos. If you want to see Thai girls and guys have sex you can find it on this site. It's not the typical white sextourist-bangs-bargirl smut from the other commercial Thai porn sites.
However, the main focus are topshelf Thai babes nudes. One of the most sensual and trust worthy Thai sex sites online.

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