Comment from: Sexcation [Visitor]  

Most everyone knows where the Hotel del Rey is. The hotel is often mentioned on the Monger websites, along with the Sportsmen Lodge and in concept its much like Blackbeard’s near Puerta Plata in The Dominican Republic.

The Del Rey’s claim to fame is the hundred or more “women for hire” who hang out there each night. The hotel has no official connection to the women but obviously depends upon them. (I was quoted $300/night.)

These are your average midrange hookers. They look better, cleaner, than the few girls we saw standing on the street but they aren’t sophisticated. Tight dresses their mother’s wouldn’t let them out of the house in, etc.

The del Rey website and brochures try to make the place look classy, its not. First the girls aren’t classy looking and there were so many of them hanging around, literally over a hundred, that most of the furniture was concealed under them. I didn’t see the tourist desk, the transportation desk, the internet lounge, two of the bars or any of the chairs until the next morning (When there were only 20 girls hanging around).

The room was simple. The first thing I noticed was a kind of commercial bathroom smell. It turned out this smell came from an electronic deodorizer like they have in public restrooms that was located in the main room and it sprits regularly every minute and a half all night long.

It became clear that while they want people to think they are upmarket they expect their guests to be downmarket.

Across the side street is the Del Mar restaurant and Key Largo Bar, owned by the same people. The Restaurant has beautiful chandeliers and middle American food. Nothing exotic or local (exotic was three Mexican dishes). I had Spaghetti and my girl had a steak, not too good.

02/27/12 @ 03:43
Comment from: crfan [Visitor]

The Hotel Del Ray is fine. There is a wide range of girls, from 5/10 to 8/10, all ages from 22-40s. Many of the girls are just average cute, but there are definitely some who are quite attractive. The price first quoted is “cien” or $100 USD, however almost all of the girls will accept $70-80 without much negotiation. They are all very friendly. Some wanted to have a beer or a mixed drink first, and at at the Del Ray even a mixed drink is only about $4 USD. It gives you time to chat with the girl and touch her, to see if you are compatible. It is important that you discuss with the girl sexual activity that you want, such as kissing, or DATY, or oral without condom, etc. If you do not discuss, do not expect. I was very lucky to meet some nice attractive girls who were comfortable with my request. To guarantee service for a full one hour, you should also indicate first that you will pay after the sexual services. This was not really much of an issue, and helps to guarantee that the girl will stay for a full one hour and not leave sooner. If you want to c*u*m more than once this should also be mentioned. Truly it is really minor as most girls are quite nice and willing to go back to your hotel with you without much argument. I did not stay at the Del Ray but at another hotel nearby. Make sure you negotiate with the cab driver, I paid C1000 for a ride, but they want up to C2000,, don’t get ripped off. In the afternoons the girls are usually willing to accept a lower price ($60-70 USD) while at night especially on the weekend the price point is going to be higher ($80-100 USD),. and the girls are going to want to get back to the Del Ray for more activity. The best for me was a beautiful girl who kissed, DATY, stayed in my room for 1.25 hours, then dressed to go home afterward. She was in no rush and I would happily see her again on another visit. You get what you pay for. My girls at the Del Ray were not mechanical sex machines and I enjoyed my time with them completely.

07/26/12 @ 05:36
Comment from: Panama Jack [Visitor]

The Del Rey is still the king of the hill in San Jose. But I’m surprised there’s no mention of the hotel cocal in Jaco. It’s the dominant player in Jaco, and maybe even Costa Rica as a whole. I think it’s hotelcocal.com. Although the hotel’s website doesn’t mention the mayhem that takes place every night at their pool bar.

09/11/13 @ 08:08

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