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While little information outside international sex guides is available about paid sex in Havana and the rst of Cuba, prostitution is a vibrant topic to be picked up on mainstream media as an online reprint of the Dallas Morning news about a crackdown in 2003 shows. Another news article from Havana Journal writes about Cuban prostitution and AIDS.
A two part documentation on prostitution in Cuba is available on Youtube as a recording from a Spanish TV broadcast.

Another short Youtube video shows street whores from Miramar, an upscale Havana suburb where rich Cubans and embassies of foreign countries reside. This clip is from after the crackdown. The main strip for street prostitution was used to be the Malecon along the shoreline.

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Exiled Cuban chicks in commercial Cuban porn movies from Miami Florida. There are many half-Cuban strippers in Florida that engage in adult movies and photo shoots. Of course that is not the same as real girls from Havana and Matanzas, today.

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Italian site about Cuban affairs. Actually, most sex tourists in Cuba are Italian men. Maybe this is the case because anal sex is widely available from Cuban whores.

Havana 1 review
Sex travel reports of sex tourists who have visited Cuba. Cuba is a sex vacation heaven for guys who are well informed about where to find putas and jineteras - Cuban whores. Without this information you are in serious trouble as touts and hustlers will steal most of your money and all you get are some hardened Havana hookers, but certainly not a sweet Cuban girlfriend experience.
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Government owned companies offer various services for tourists in Cuba including rent a car, Varadero beach accommodation, etc.

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