1. § Dieter said on :
    I stumbled into Goldfingers and found it great. There were very few customers, but a lot of girls. They were absolutely gorgeous. There was a cover fee of 500 Korun or something around that number at that day. Expensive. I was just watching the shows and zipping my drink. It's very cozy. There was a group of 10 girls sitting right beside me. They were wearing long evening gowns and no panties. I felt a little intimidated buy so much beauty. Each of them came over to me and offered me a private dance. I think the price was 1000 or 2000 Korun. They said it was for a dance only. I could not bear the idea of being in a private room with such gorgeous woman without having the urge to have sex with her so I declined. It would have driven me crazy. They were very courteous, polite and kind. You don't experience good manners with strippers in other clubs, but in Goldfingers they seem to be more sophisticated.
  2. § Chris said on :
    How much entre fee?girls no sex?
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