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Providers and webmasters can suggest sites to our escort and travel sex guide, now. How to submit your site? Simply fill out the feedback form:

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Owners of escort sites and websites for commercial establishments such as massage parlors, brothels, night clubs, studios may request a review of their site for possible inclusion to one category in one country. For this review process we charge a small fee of 89 US$. This fee is charged for our time to review your site and place it into our directory per one country/category for 1 year time.

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We no longer accept free submissions. All new reviews are based on payment, only. If you wish to link back to us, feel free to place our banner on your site with our link.
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Escort Submissions Write review

We have some new banners for you to use when linking to Please find banners and buttons on the following pages. Please, download banners first to your own webspace before linking to us:

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    You may also use a simple text anchor to link to us:


    <a href="">Travel Sex Guide</a>

    It is important that our link is placed on your index or main page in a clearly visible position. We won't accept link on banner farms or hidden links on bottom of a page, please.

    Escort Submissions Write review

    Yes, it is possible to advertise on Travelsexguide.TV We are able to send highly targeted traffic for your escort marketing campaigns. There are 4 options of advertising on

    1 - Featured Review Listing:
    This is the same as a basic listing, but your ad will appear at the top of a country and category section for a specified time. Additionally, your listing will be highlighted to draw maximum attention and a thumb of your website will be added. There will only be a maximum of 3 featured listings for each country. Your review must be pre-approved before we accept it and provide payment options. A listing may no be changed and remains static for it's entire duration.
    Request Quote by using comment form below, please.

    2 - Basic Review Listing:
    A regular listing. Your listing will appear together with a thumb of your homepage in 150 x 120 pixel and will be rotating with all other listings in one country. You may install a back link to us if you wish. Your url must be pre-approved before we accept it and provide payment options. A listing may not be changed and remains static for it's duration. Second category/country will incur same fee. Firm prices, non-negotiable.
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    3 - Category Banners:
    Buttons or skyscrapers can be placed on right sidebar of each country page. Maximum format are 220 x 240 pixel (w x h) for buttons and 220 x 660 for skyscrapers. Your ad must be pre-approved before we accept it and provide payment options. Banner will be static for it's duration. It is possible to combine multiple countries for one campaign. Minimum duration for such a campaign would be 3 months.
    Price will depend on countries and banner size. Minimum value for any order is 600 US$.

    A - Sitewide Top Button:
    At the moment this is our only sitewide advertising option. Button of up to 240 x 90 pix can be placed sitewide on header with exception of index page. It will appear in skin on all country pages and listings. Maximum format: 240 x 90 pixel (w x h) as graphic or graphic with 1 line of text.
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    We do neither accept unethical advertising nor illegal ads. No pills, downloads, malware, etc. Ads may not show any explicit or pornographic details, but simple nudity is fine. We make good offers and don't negotiate prices. Please, do not try to negotiate lower prices, we just won't answer.

    Payment Options:
    Payments can be made by
    - Bitcoin
    - Others depending on agreement
    Sorry, we do not accept cash by mail or checks at this time.

    We are currently reviewing our advertising prices and conditions. Therefore it may take some time before we we are able to get back to you.

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