HIV and AIDS Write review

After neing diagnosed HIV positive, patient receives treatment and starts blogging about result. A boring account, but very encouraging.

Getting tested for HIV makes many people afraid of possible positive test, but as this diary of an HIV patient shows, there is hope. He describes his experiences with a new retroviral treatment "Atripla". This medication requires 1 dose per day, reduces viral load and increases T-cell counts over a short period of time in this patient provided the information is authentic.

HIV and AIDS, Holland Eros Write review
An info site about AIDS and prostitution in the Netherlands. This social project is available in seven different languages. It is divided between information for Dutch sex workers and clients and mainly promotes safes sex and gender equality.

HIV and AIDS, Other STD Write review

Deutsche Aidshilfe offers help for people concerned about HIV/AIDS and other sexual infections. As Germans used to say: "Gib Aids keine Chance". The title means as much as "do it with (protection)". Agreed!

Eros Brazil, HIV and AIDS Write review

Homepage of the government's official AIDS program (did you know that Brazil refused to accept funding from the USA? It is a fact, because Brazilians like to use a condom rather than exercise abstinence. Silly president Bush asked them to outlaw prostitution.)

International Condoms Write review

Want to find out where to order Durex condoms, get tips about sexual lifestyle and protection from sexually transferrable deceases. Durex global website provides answers and solution for responsible people who want to stop spread of HIV and Herpes while enjoying sex in many variations. They are pretty good rubbers.

HIV and AIDS Write review
German online portal around HIV and AIDS: Informationen zur Vorbeugung sexuell über­tragbarer Krank­heiten. Their public institution is called Aidshilfe. It attempts to educate young people to be responsible in their choice of sexual partners and use condoms.

HIV and AIDS Write review
Information, education and action. Well known portal providing non-government controlled international information and transmission and prevention of HIV and treatment of AIDS. They accept donations.

South Africa, HIV and AIDS Write review
News article on safe sex and HIV among professional sex workers in the very South of the continent. It's rather old and from 1999. From today's viewpoint it's interesting to observe how much has changed since then.

HIV and AIDS Write review

One day a year is dedicated to the victims of AIDS. Around this date mainstream media pics up pace to publish articles and reports about this horrible decease. Great education and information is available of their official website that is worth a careful read to known more about people who live with this untreatable virus.

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