1. § Ben Hanks Email said on :
    The place is a ripp off joint.. I had 3 beers n bought 2 lady drinks. The bill was over 700 peso. *** Beware *** N my advice is to avoid...
  2. § Andrew Email said on :
    Ben, you are a cheap Charlie! 700 Piso is the normal going rate for what you ordered. Your drinks would be much more expensive in clubs like Golden Nile or Club Asia on the other side of Field's Avenue. Angeles City has become an expensive place, but Ugly Coyote is still one of the cheaper places - unless you want to compare it to places on Santos Street. I paid around 1500 Pisos for the same drinks in Golden Nile just a few days ago and gave the waitress a nice 200 Piso tip :-P
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