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Everyday problems and issues are described by Amanda Brooks, the self acclaimed Goldengirl of Texas and a retired US escort.

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South Australian women leading a double life blogs about her profession as a prostitute in South Australia. "Because i?m a whore I risk discrimination and harassment so i lead a double life. Because i?m a whore I am a criminal under South Australian law and so i hide my identity." As you see it's very socially scientific with strong political statements. Governments have lots to learn from professional whores who conduct their profession with passion and free will. Good luck to her and enjoy reading her posts.

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An escort blog about female escort bloggers and legal issues. The blog hasn't seen new entries since March 18, 2008. I guess we won't see any more updates and it's going to die.

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Finally a British escort blog. She lost her phone, what a poor call girl LOL and she lost a law case at court. What a pitty. Another escort blog post is about her female friend Vanessa. Around 40 blog posts last year. Now, she it's containing a link to a website marketing a book about 10 years of high class escort life in the UK. Two free chapters are offered ...

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Very heavy on text, almost like an online book. The Las Vegas Courtesan covers many aspects of an sew worker's life and prostitution. It's mixed with facts and info about Nevada brothels. Actually, if you do care to visit those cash-eating legal whorehouses, she provides great info on prices and opus operandi. Nice read and a bit addictive, too.

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