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Correspondence between escorts and their cutsomers (Johns). It's an older blog that has not been updated in a very long time, but it contains some stunning punter stories narrated by female UK escorts.

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Well done multimedia blog about prostitution in Rio de Janeiro. The producers of this blog create interesting short movie documentaries about commercial sex with images and interview of genuine working women. It deals with real matters. Cool project that deserves a lot more attention as it allows people to see the world of the sex workers with different eyes. Many of them simply beg for better conditions like better sanitation and safety.

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Very heavy on text, almost like an online book. The Las Vegas Courtesan covers many aspects of an sew worker's life and prostitution. It's mixed with facts and info about Nevada brothels. Actually, if you do care to visit those cash-eating legal whorehouses, she provides great info on prices and opus operandi. Nice read and a bit addictive, too.

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Very simple blog about prostitute's rights and Anti-trafficking legislation as a crusade against sex work. It's pretty international in it's attempt to cover rights and abuse cases by example. It has a slight British bias and cover prostitution issues ahead of London 2012 Olympic games.

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Wordpress hosted blog with articles of former prostitutes reflecting on their experiences as escorts and streetwalkers. Some of them were victims of trafficking in people and attempt to help others in similar situation. The blog is fueled with political activism like analysis of street sex worker representations and their effects on sex workers and society in general. Many prostitution resources to other similar sites with academic and criminologic agenda are provided for those who wish to research such matters.

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