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Rumors are the women on chat sites from Asian countries such as The Philippines and India are more than eager to date with Americans, Japanese and European men. They are dreaming about a future with love, romance and the possibility to start a family. They are sweet and simple and maybe a better alternative for good sex over bargirls and prostitutes. Talk to them. They will show you how sexy they can be.

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Busty Zurich escort who appears to be some sort of internet pornstar. She looks very hot and provides opprotunities for meetings in Zuerich as well as online encounters over her membership based Swiss porn site.

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Redlight guide for Switzerland. You may download pdf-files and digital business cards. The salons featured on this site offer maps and driving instructions. Pretty simple Swiss red-light guide with paid ads.

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Strip joint in Zurich. They claim to be the first Zurich nightclub with great erotic entertainment. They open late afternoon and don't close door until early in the morning. A real adult nightlife experience made in Switzerland.

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Agency for Czech nude models, strippers, porn stars, etc. Online catalogue. Good selection and expensive so they are just good for high rollers and very professional producers and photographers. They are very experienced and have been around as one of the oldest online web portals from CZ.

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Large online private ads sorted by age and area. Most of the ads that have weblinks are fakes that participate in click thru programs, but you can also find private chat contacts on this page for direct contact with fresh Czech girls who are openminded about possible sex dates.

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This site answers many qeustions for the horny male sextourist. It gives directions and addresses to brothels, redlight districts, stripclubs, nightclubs, massage parlors, escort services and prostitutes in Sunny Beach. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page as navigation appears to be odd in some browsers.

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Very comprehensive travel guide for Croatia, incl. Zadar, Split, Trogir, Adriatic Coast and Zagreb. It's a very valuable online resource for tourists visiting Croatia for the first time or on repeat visits as they always update and redesign their travel blog.

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Four semi naked images and a phone number for this Croatian escort. She is a beauty, no doubt and she loves fur, jewelry and Champagne. Her escort blog says she is 24 and she appears to be a bit more mature. There is not much more on her site except her phone number for direct contact in Croatia.

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Find Swiss escort and brothel reviews sorted by regions and cities. Thei map of lust is an escort forum divided into sections. Some are active, while others are not. Sometimes they post invitations to gang bangs for very cheap prices. Not bad!

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Party brothel in Zuerich. Pay a flat fee for unlimited fun. It was closed for awhile, but re-opened in June 2009 as Switzerland's first FKK club, a nudist brothel type of sexclub that was developed in Germany. Usually, all prostitutes working in a FKK brothel are always undressed as well as all customers. You see what you get.

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Brothel in Zurich. A nice selection of ladies in air-conditioned rooms. Around 40 ladies are available for softsex intercourse and two dominant ladies provide fetish and BDSM experiences for people who want to get treated a bit tougher. Studio Bombastic is around for ome time, now. Some of the providers swallow :-)

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Zurich escort agency with bilangual escort site presentation. A nice number of Swiss escorts as well as some German ladies for hire. Nicely arranged escort thumb presentation with contact info and image portfolio of their female courtesans. Upscale pricing. Zurich is an expensive place!

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Party and swinger's club. Porn actresses participate on scheduled events. Visit one of the mega parties and enjoy all inclusive fun for 300 to 500 ChF on over 2500 sqm of sensual ground area. It's one of Switzerland's most widely known erotic party venues, featured on TV and print media many times.

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Lovely marriage minded ladies from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The ladies are seeking reliable partners for long lasting relationships. Many of them are very attractive and well educated. Browse their porfiles and fall in love.

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A nice resource for a Bulgarian sex vacation. This site gives you names and addresses of escorts, brothels and strip clubs in Varna, Sunny Beach, Sofia and many other places. Most is in English, but some is in kyrilic, only.

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Find hotel reviews online and receive great discounts in some of the best houses around the globe. Start to read a single man's hotel ramblings. I am sure he brings hookers to his rooms as the bedsheets look rather wildly folded.

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Membership based review site for European and British escorts' experiences. Before you spend serious money on an internet escort you might want to check out this site. They write about pros and cons and they do reveal escort scams. Captain 69 is worth every penny of it's fee!

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There is another site very similar to Dexterhorn's page initiated by former members of his more commercial site. It's one of the few forums with good info and rather kind people on board. Not the typical bitch and 'my-dick-is-bigger' board.

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Educational site that shows research about prostitution from all around the globe. Their angle at the p4p game is oriented from a human rights perspective. They are committed to make the lives of poor prostitutes more prosperous and they fight trafficking. Good to see such sites around to educate punters and prostitutes alike.

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Legal frame work for prostitution in various countries around the world. You could say it is the world sex guide for prostitution lawyers ... however, I am uncertain about the facts being correct so view with care. Anyhow, it looks very scientific!

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